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one day I became a double bass 

Follow your dreams…


one day I became a double bass 

Follow your dreams…

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waaah i really wanna learn how to play the double bass but i feel like its too late considering im already a sophomore in college haha


Hey nonnie!

It is NEVER too late! And trust me, there are a LOT of orchestras out there needing basses. It’s such a wonderful instrument, and you get to make so many lovely friends in orchestras, especially fellow bass players! And it’s seriously the coolest string instrument ever, you get to play all the way down to the bottom E on a piano, and once you get skilled enough, you can actually play notes all the way up to about the D above middle C. And I’m not too sure about where you live and where you’d have lessons or play with orchestras, but the groups I rehearse with both at school and outside of school have basses which I can borrow while playing, and when performing, they offer to take their basses there for me. Kind of like honorary percussion. :P

I also maintain that a small bass (I’m thinking 1/4 or 1/8 size or so?) would be a pretty good weapon in a zombie apocalypse, if you don’t mind getting yucky stuff on it and eventually it would probably fall apart. But until it does, you can use it as a bat, a spear (the end pin’s pretty sharp), and for amusement. Once it does fall apart, firewood! If you have your case with you, a soft case could be a sleeping bag (mine’s pretty comfy actually, though I’ve got a 3/4 size bass :P), and if you have a hard case, you could live in it. No zombie’s gonna be able to get past that, it is SOOOOOO heavy. I’ve never actually tried, but I’m pretty sure rosin’s quite flammable, so you can use your rosin to start fires. And your bow… You probably can’t do much with it, it’s a bit fragile. But hmm… We’ll keep thinking.

But back on a more serious note. Honestly, it’s a lovely instrument. So if you want to start learning, go for it! :D

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  • Musicians:

  • This is 1st violin.

  • This is 2nd violin.

  • This is viola.

  • This is cello.

  • And this is double-bass.

  • That's the whole string section.

  • Non-musicians:

  • So there are some violins......

  • More violins..............

  • WTF??!!!! Why are there so many FUCKING VIOLINS?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh look! There are some big violins!

  • WHOA...Look at those SUPER-BIG-ASS-VIOLINS!!!

  • OH MY GOD JESUS CHRIST HOLY SHIT, string section's so FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!

Submitted by textbooksandtears